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Senior Supply Chain Planner At Westlake OH Office was asked...31 August 2018

Nothing special. When she tried to prove that I was not a good fit in the situation of balancing quantity and quality in my previous job she said "In our team we all make mistakes. We make many mistakes." I was thinking what she tried to tell me about how supply chain works at Henkel. What was the logic. No wonder the fill rate couldn't be improved. Besides, any mistake in Automotive industry where I worked before can be very expensive, more expensive than other industries.

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Considering her late showing up and her comments of "We make many mistakes" I knew I wouldn't get the job. Working for an insecure manager is not easy, isn't it? Less

Reynolds Consumer Products

Name (3) times of a specific difficult situation you faced and how you were able to resolve that situation.

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What is your biggest strengths/weaknesses?

Seagate Technology

"what is your salary", "how much would you leave for" before the phone screen process even began.


What is your experience with global companies?

Hitachi Rail

Descrivere la propria attività lavorativa e come aver affrontato condizioni di difficoltà

Samsung Electronics

Why did you leave the last company? How well you handle stress? How is your Excel skill?


Why are you looking for a new position?

Mylan Inc

When have you had to resolve a supply disruption into one of your markets? Can you prioritise your workload effectively? Can you work under pressure


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Tell me about your supply chain experience.

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