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Senior Support Account Specialist was asked...23 September 2011

why would a company NOT use

1 Answers

1)security concerns 2)basic mobile features 3)not strong order mgmt and product functionality Less


Have you ever been in conflict with anyone from your last workplace and what did you do to resolve your issues with them?

1 Answers

The most difficult question I was asked was whether I have encountered any conflicts on my last work. It was difficult because I didn't have a good answer for it since I didn't get into really serious feuds with my past colleagues. The answer I gave was that if ever we do get into conflicts, work wise, we try to talk it out (one on one or during meetings) and try to resolve them and focus on getting our tasks done. Less


What makes you qualified for this position?

1 Answers

I discussed my past work in customer service, business development and marketing! I also discussed certain characteristics I have that make me a great fit for customer support and HubSpot as a whole. Less

Willis Towers Watson

if you could be a cereal, what kind would it be and why?

1 Answers

“if you could be a cereal, what kind would it be and why?”

Eurofins Scientific

How would you handle an incident?

1 Answers

Explain the complete Incident management life cycle


In what instances a company has high profit but low cash balance?

1 Answers

I gave 2 scenarios :)

Nucleus Networks

If a user was unable to print, what troubleshootings would you take?

1 Answers

Ensure printer in installed -> Install printer from Server or IP/Hostname as applicable Ensure printer is online -> Check network/USB connectivity, power state: Ping, Host Page; powercycle or turn on as required, check and correct local Network settings Check for pending jobs -> Check for the reason for pending jobs (Low ink/toner, paper mismatch) and correct as required. Unspecified Error -> Stop local or server print spooler, purge job cache, start print spooler, test printing. Less

Risk Strategies

Basic questions pertaining to the role.

1 Answers

With my knowledge of my field.


What is your salary requirements?

1 Answers

I said based upon my previous positions, experience and knowledge I would like to be around 60K, which is a pay cut and the salary for a similar position in 1997. The interviewer said they couldn't offer near that salary. It was pretty obvious from my resume that I was interested in an entry level pay. Less

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