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EPAM Systems
Senior Test Automation Engineer was asked...24 March 2020

Code to find character count in a given string.

8 Answers

Please give more input about this interview

Please if you see the comment please give more input about this interview

In these sorts of interviews you really need to drill down and understand what the interviewer is looking for. A good way to simulate a real interview experience is to do a mock with one of the EPAM Systems Senior Test Automation Engineer experts on Prepfully, rated super strongly on TrustPilot... Less

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EPAM Systems

A quick programming question. Count from 1 to 100 and write 'X' if the current number can be divided by 3 or 'Y' if by 5 and 'Z' if both.

3 Answers

public class Func35 { public static void main(String[] args) { for(int i=1;i<=100;i++){ if(i%3==0 && i%5==0){ System.out.print("Z"+","); } else if(i%3==0){ System.out.print("X"+","); } else if(i%5==0){ System.out.print("Y"+","); } else { System.out.print(i+","); } } } } Less

for(int i=1;i<=100;i++) { boolean flag=false; if(i%15==0) { System.out.println(i+"Z"); flag=true; } else if(i%3==0 && flag==false) { System.out.println(i+"X"); flag=true; } else if(i%5==0&&flag==false) { System.out.println(i+" Y"); } } Less

Used a bool variable added the two division in the loop (with the loop variables) (i%5 and i%3). The first division only sets the bool variable and the second division writes the output according Less


Public int compareTo(object o) { Employee emp = (Employee)o; return -; }

3 Answers

Output should be 0. Since compareTo() implements Comparable interface.

Have you received offer.?

Have you received offer?

Legato Health Technologies

1.Tell me about yourself? 2.The asked about which framework you used? about that. 3.Selenium-about locators, selenium wait and usage 4.Basic Java Q? Difference between HashMap and HashSet, Abstract and Interface, What is Final? What is Encapsulation? 5.What is Instance Variable, method and object? 6.Java program to count and print repeated character in a string? String would be Your Name. 7.Cucumber-About Gherkins, Background, Scenario Outline, Reporting, How Feature file and stepDefinition file are linked etc. 8.About API Automation?

3 Answers

Did u get schedule date?

I have completed L1 & l2 rounds of interview. I am waiting for another Managerial round as per the consultancy guy said. Less

Did u give interview by video call? They took me interview via Microsoft teams . That was first round its almost 3 days i didnt get any response. My interview was regarding python developer 2+ experience. They took around 45min interview . I dono whom to contact for further updates Less

TechChefs Software

Selenium - system test to login into web application with combination of username and password reading excel

1 Answers

Use data provider annotations and declare username and password as the variables. and from excel extract the username name and password in form for list or array. and using data provider you can test it for both valid and non valid username and password. NOTE:- @dataprovider annotation follow one to one mapping do care of that while providing values in your test case. Less


They were very unprofessional.

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Capital One

1. What was your most challenging project 2. How was your relationship with Dev team 3. What is your take on agile development 4. What was your role in the agile project you worked on 5. What can you do to finish the testing in timely manner 6. Give me an example of a time you faced a conflict while working on a team. How did you handle that? 7. Tell me about a time you were under a lot of pressure. What was going on, and how did you get through it? 8. Give me an example of a time you managed numerous responsibilities. How did you handle that?

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My answers were absolutely out of my experiences. Be ready with 5 stories in all and try to fit them everywhere. Less

Accolite Digital

R1 Interview : 1. Find first and second minimum of an Array of integer. 2. Bulb puzzle. 3. Jars and Pills puzzle. 4. Missing Element in Array of integer. 5. All API method. 6. How to do API documentation before publish? 7. Difference between SOAP and REST. 8. Different tools to Automate API. 9. API Exceptions. 10. If API is not working how to debug that. 11. Why API testing is required? 12. Difference between Unit Testing and API Testing R2 - Interview : 13. Rest Sharp Framework related Questions. 14. API response code. 15. How we provide header in API request. 16. Difference between URL and query parameter. 17. How to pass Query Parameter in request in Rest Sharp. 18. File Upload in selenium. 19. Sibling in Xpath. 20. Reporting Rest Sharp Framework. 21. Specflow Scenario Outline. 22. Tags in Specflow. 23. Collection in Post Man. 24. Different tools to test API manually.

1 Answers

Interview was in very detailed with lots of puzzles.


Generic questions from selenium, Java, mobile automation, framework etc..

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Dear Candidate , Thank you sharing your feedback. At Tekion, treating everyone equally and operating with the highest integrity is one of our core values and we believe in upholding our values in all our communications, internal or external. We understand your frustration , at the same time we believe you would understand that we would not have spent all our time on the interviews if there was no genuine interest in hiring. Hiring was put on hold for valid business reasons and as soon as we start hiring again we will certainly reach out to you. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Regards, Sowmya Less


Questions related to OOP and Java programming (OOP basics, primitive data types, classes, collections, generics, Java standard library and etc.)

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Answered as much questions as I could

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