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The interviewer came across as ingenuine and dis-honest if you can say that. Dressing up questions to hide the real intent. Given that I was very experienced in what the company wanted to do and had done that successfully for others (he was very satisfied with answers), I didnt get the role and l I was not told why I didnt get it.

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I am an experienced designer and know my trade very well. I am experienced with the interview process (and interview other designers), so very familiar with what is usually expected.

Tell us about your working background and how that has led you to here today?

What is the most innovative piece of work you have done?

Describe a time where you solved a complex problem with a simple solution.

How would you deal with multiple stakeholders, all requesting their own unique features?

Describe a time where you made a mistake on a project - how did you go about dealing with the situation?

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