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Maybe you were overpaid in your previous role?

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Banking salaries currently undergoing big changes in London - some places have doubled salaries. HSBC is not one of them - although they told me this is under review.

Case studies, various "tell me a time when you..." questions.

describe a situation where you 've been successful or unsuccessful

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Q. Garbage collectors - which one to use when. Q. Concurrency questions / program to write. Q. Java fundamentals - collection, abstract classes/interfaces, functional interfaces, unit testing in Java Q. Puzzles such as design a lift system Q. How to identify memory leaks, tune JVM for performance optimisation - provide examples how to achieve that.

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Mainly .net, sql questions. Sql questions are scenario based.

Motives for leaving my rhen employer and joining Jefferies.

Basic interview HR type questions. Nothing that tripped me up.

Given that I had more than the normal number of interviews and calls, it was a mix of specialist tax questions and questions which probed whether I would be a good fit for the team.

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