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Name a time you went over and beyond for a customer?

1 Answer

Drew upon past experience and gave a specific time we had to be flexible in order to provide value to a customer.

What would you do to change the current problems with moral

1 Answer

What challenges do you think our company faces?

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Interview Questions for Yodel are competency based but also involve describing how you live the Yodel values.

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Tell us about your self

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All about experience, cultural fit and flexibility

1 Answer

describe yourself

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I had done preparation for a competency based interview for another role only a few days before this interview and I believe that this was the most helpful thing I did as it caused me to review specific parts of my career and remember specific, individual events in context as well as the impact and outcome.

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All their questions were basic and nothing out of ordinary

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None really that were difficult but very arrogant approach with no expectation that you would be making a choice on working for them as well as vice versa

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