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Interview questions in Sheffield, England

Mojico Interviews in Sheffield /  HQ: Sheffield

18 Interviews in Sheffield (of 19)

2.4 Easy

University of Sheffield Interviews in Sheffield /  HQ: Sheffield, UK

16 Interviews in Sheffield (of 26)

2.5 Easy

Primark Interviews in Sheffield /  HQ: Dublin, UK

11 Interviews in Sheffield (of 680)

1.9 Very Easy

Interview Questions in Sheffield

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Where do you want to be in 10 years time.

1 Answer

In your position ( management)

Can you think of a time where you have had to refuse a customer service.

1 Answer

sell your favourite drink to me.

1 Answer

not a question, but a interviewing/questioning style - "I'm trying to establish if you would do something, but don't want to let on and don't know what question I need to ask you!, so I'll keep asking you the same question differently until you guess what it is I really want to know about you!"

1 Answer

why do the spaghettis break into more than 2 pieces when bent?

1 Answer

What makes you stand out from other workers?

1 Answer

Explain the motion of a slinky as it is dropped from height.

1 Answer

How would overcome a weakness

1 Answer

Where do you see youseld in next two years ?

1 Answer
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