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Shipping Manifest Clerk was asked...28 April 2009

If you saw someone steal a quarter. Would you report it?

10 Answers

Coming from retail management and knowing how LP is looking at this: It starts with a quarter and usually gets bigger from there. (Greed ) I believe the only right answer is YES its stealing If you are willing to may exception because of the amount it shows that you will bend rules and fail the question. I have worked before companies that fired people for consuming discarded merchandise(written out of inventory like an open package of such-and-such) because it was a policy. Most comanies want to know their policies will be followed to the letter because that helps product the company. Although some companies may bend their rules where they see fit that is not what the interview is about . Less


No. I'd talk them out of it. Pay them a quarter from my own pocket if I had to. Who's integrity is worth 25¢? Less

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What experience do you have how long

2 Answers


That person was not the supervisor 35 years ago. There was a reason why they let that supervisor go in the first place, and the reason you were given is 100% BS. Less

Trader Joe's

why are you here today?

2 Answers

I didn't want to sound desperate & answer back that I need a job.

I need job please

The interview involved standard questions and explanations about the position requirements and expectations and qaulifications

1 Answers


Watkins & Shepard Trucking

Have you worked in shipping before? Can you lift up to 100 lbs. without assistance? (The job involves lifting of much heavier weights by the way)

1 Answers

At that time I had not worked in shipping before. Yes, I could lift 100 lbs. without assistance. Less

Haas TCM

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answers

It's a horrible question that most interviewers ask. I tend to answer that "I like to break long range plans into short term goals....." and then go on to explain my short term goals. It tends to get a positive reaction from people. Less

J.G. Boswell Co.

They asked which job would I feel more comfortable with between two openings.

1 Answers

Either one would be satisfying as long as there was room for growth.


What is the most important factor on the job?

1 Answers

Customer Service!

BDP International

They asked me about my experience

1 Answers

Well I had many years experience


Follow policy

1 Answers


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