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not a question - but advice on the test. I am good with words, but my grammar is pretty shaky (see above!). Really focus on your subbing skills if you get an interview, the pass mark is very high and it is pretty difficult if you don't edit copy every day.

Tell a time when you excelled, how did you succeed what obstacles did you have, did you have to deal with any ambiguity.

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your opinions on Behavioural Health and Safety and give a time when you used i

How do you provide permission for everyone to read a file in current directory name "apple" at the unix prompt.

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How I would make the transition from Barretts to Avant

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How much experience did I have working with a mult-cultural environment as it applied to co works and clients?

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I was asked that if I was called by two clients at the same time with an issue, how would I decide which one I attend to first.

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Have you any experience of dealing with outside contractors and visitors to your workplace?

What do you know about lovell and our marketplace?

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