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Interview questions in Slough, Berkshire, South East England, England

Amazon Interviews in Slough /  HQ: Seattle, WA

43 Interviews in Slough (of 14,628)

3.5 Difficult

RB Interviews in Slough /  HQ: Slough, ENG

20 Interviews in Slough (of 280)

3.2 Average

Telefónica Interviews in Slough /  HQ: Madrid, SP

13 Interviews in Slough (of 161)

3.0 Average

Interview Questions in Slough

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What do you think of the offices?

2 Answers

I admire frugality.

Tehe, this answer rocks!

typically questions consist of book defination of class and object, polymorphism , over riding etc

2 Answers

write a function to find 2nd highest value in an array. Basic questions on STL library , some baisc regrex questions , difference between left join right join ( only basic stuff). I guess w3school tutorial is fine incase if you want to refresh . simple sql query using joins.

2 Answers

Role playing negotiation exercise.

1 Answer

When do you challenge your manager or give eg when you challenged your manager

1 Answer

what legacy will you leave behind

1 Answer

Why should we offer you the role over and above anyone else?

1 Answer

Plan a large business-critical annual project for the company with a 6-figure budget.

1 Answer

How do you handle stress?

1 Answer

Interview Question – You are currently in the data centre and the phone rings and an email appears at the same time. You are alone (no other staff nearby). What do you do?

1 Answer
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