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Amazon Interviews in Slough /  HQ: Seattle, WA

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RB Interviews in Slough /  HQ: Slough, ENG

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Mars Interviews in Slough /  HQ: Mc Lean, VA

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Interview Questions in Slough

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typically questions consist of book defination of class and object, polymorphism , over riding etc

2 Answers

They are interested in knowing whether you know well enough what is class and what is object. Try to give real life example

A class is the blueprint from which individual objects are created. For example there might be a class for chairs and every chair created from this class is an object. Every chair object is unique. polymorphism - one interface can be implemented in several ways. For example a list can be implemented using an array or using linked objects. overriding - a method in the subclass with the same signature overrides the method in the super class.

write a function to find 2nd highest value in an array. Basic questions on STL library , some baisc regrex questions , difference between left join right join ( only basic stuff). I guess w3school tutorial is fine incase if you want to refresh . simple sql query using joins.

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What do you think of the offices?

2 Answers

What is wrong with this code: int *ptr; *ptr = 7;

1 Answer

What is your greatest weakness

1 Answer

Asked to write a technical specification for one of their product, which was yet to be invented

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They will ask simple quetsions like "if you have 5000 html pages how would you find particular value

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There will be definately questions on bits/bytes and small basic questions on Hexa decimal like what is result if you add 1 to hexa F. ( there are good tutorials online which explains concept). 3) you may be ask to write small function to convert integer to bits or swap 16bits value

1 Answer

They will ask you to write simple program which you are expected to submit within few hours.

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Interview Question – You are currently in the data centre and the phone rings and an email appears at the same time. You are alone (no other staff nearby). What do you do?

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