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Connect nodes at the same level in a binary tree

3 Answers

2 Queues, one for current, one for parents....had little time, like 5 minutes to solve it so I did not put much into it, just came up with a working solution

Level Order Traversal May be ?

Use a Queue for level order traversal and keep track of the level you are on (can get messy) and create a new List whenever you traverse to the next level in the tree.

Convert a number to a currency string: 1234,45 -> one thousand two hundred thirty four dollars and forty five cents

Basic dynamic programming questions and Leetcode easy problems.

The only problem was: design the "fill with paint" function, for an mspaint-like program.

Write a function that converts a positive integer to its representation in the English language (for example, Two-Thousand-Forty-Four) .