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I did not think any questions were difficult everything was common sense. Below are some questions I was asked. 1) Tell me about a project that you are proud of 2) What matrix did you use to determine the success? 3) Tell me about instances where you had most difficult time with people management. 4) How did you work with a low performer with was the outcome? 5) Did you have to fire anyone? 6) What are the disadvantages of Agile? 7) What is the high level architecture of your current project? 8) Have you implemented a project from scratch how did it go? High level architecture. 9) Implement stack in any language.

How would you deal with a "red" build during development

standard list of questions. technical assessment based on various scenarios.

What sort of person are you?

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Design the first Amazon website. In ten minutes. Because clearly that's enough time to think through how to build the most successful retail website of all time.

Q: Explain hashing. How to deal with collisions? Explain hash function.

Competency based interview, asking questions on Agile methods and development practices.