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Explain the role of an SA in a project, customer facing and internal team

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Can't remember anything specific, but during the role play interview, expect to be derailed constantly from your agenda. It is more about how you present a topic, stick to the time allowed and control the audience.

The questions were the most bizarre things you could ever imagine. They say that most questions are focused around "their values" which are listed on their websites. Most questions are like: "tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult situation" I got a few technical questions but I had a feeling the terminology I was familiar with did not resonate with the reality AWS live in. I was a user(and still am occasionally) of the services on AWS.

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Competancy based questions - e.g. How do you build trust, give an example

Q. What are the key skills an Architect needs?

Q. Give an example of how you deal with conflicts of opinion?

Q: Tell me about your latest project and what you could have done differently?

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Do you prefer junior or senior people in your team?

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