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There was focus around the type of human being I was - ethics, moral, code of conduct and ability to learn which was easy for the team to see. Questions around previous experience and technology were discussed, followed by aspirations.

What framework would you use to evaluate a multi-application estate across two companies that are considering a merger?

It all relates back to Amazon's management principles. Read and memorize them!

Tell me about a time when you knew you were going to miss a deadline and how you managed it

What does activate button does on communities?

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Not much. do you know Forcepoint or Trend

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Give an example of when you've designed something from its origin through to delivery and go-live?

Standard interview questions, previous project work and deliveries, technology stacks worked on, successes and failures etc...

This was a very 'by the books' interview, and no unexpected or challenging questions were presented.

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