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Why trading systems? Why not apply to a bank to work as trade support or to support an institutional propietary trading system?

2 Answers

The answer was basically that im bbg for life

Do you happen to know what this position would pay "Trading Systems (TOMS)--Trade Desk Specialist "

At the start of the one to one interview I was asked to assemble a valve (within a time limit of a few minutes) based on a technical drawing and a box of components which were presented to me.

3 Answers

What is the role of an Apple Specialist

2 Answers

I saw some people working there with dirty aspect and smelling really bad. Since you definitely don't care about the people that works for conectys. Don't you care about the company's image?

1 Answer

Highlight your skills and experience with the Financial Services arena

1 Answer

Can you tell me about a team you were proud to be a part of and why ?

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How do you feel your payroll experience in your previous role will help you with the role here at Handle?

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What would you change in the processes Amazon apply?

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3 words that people would use to describe you?

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Why did I choose sales and where do I see myself in the future?

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