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Can a variable be both const and volatile ?

1 Answer

const indicates that the program cannot modify the variable; volatile informs the compiler that the contents of a pointer/variable may be changeable external to the program (e.g., shared memory or mapped memory). There is therefore no conflict between these two, and a const volatile entity is a variable that will be reread on each access (in case an entity external to the program updated it), but the compiler will insist that the program contain not contain logic that modifies that variable.

explain about some workshops that u have attended

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

1 Answer

From a list of words find a subset of words with the smallest total number of letters which match a given criteria ?

how would you reverse a 32 bit integer ?? for eg if the input is 0x76543210 the output has to be 0x01234567

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