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Write C code to implement common systems programming tasks. The sort of standard thing that you should be able to do in your sleep. But it's harder to do on-line.

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Wrote some C code to implement the solution, talking as I did it.

Can a variable be both const and volatile ?

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Why did you decide to study Chinese at university? What attracts you to Swire?

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What excites you in life (not necessarily work)?

Describe a project which was failing and how did you turn it around?

Describe something innovative you have done at work?

how would you reverse a 32 bit integer ?? for eg if the input is 0x76543210 the output has to be 0x01234567

Programming puzzle: find the number of ones in the input string using logical XOR

From a list of words find a subset of words with the smallest total number of letters which match a given criteria ?

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