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1) Manufacture and option from plain vanillas that makes money in case of low volatility and does not lose too much in the opposite scenario. 2) We are in a junction. p is the probability that at least one car will pass through it within the next 20 minutes. Give me the probability that no car will pass within the next 5 minutes.

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Standard and fair interview

[2] 1 - p/4 for no cars in first 5 min

Let q be the probability of seeing no car in any given 5 minutes. Then the prob of not seeing a car in 20 mins is q^4 (or 1 - p). So q = (1-p)^0.25

If you flip two coins, one is a head,what is the probability that the other is a head

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Case exercise: Data modeling with Palantir method (Entity - Event - Document). How would you start to model a restaurant business?

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Screening questions are asked to provide more info about you. However it's their way or the highway - you don't have a say on when you get to do the interviews. Very self absorbed recruiter.

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What is the absolute minimum salary you are willing to take?

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Give an example for a non absolute truth (can be interpreted differntly by others)

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1. Why Palantir 2. 2 strengths, 2 weaknesses 3. Name a time when (worked in teams, had problems etc etc) 4. Describe to me a complicated process 5. Classic brain-teaser problem (was given the egg an 100 storey building one - just google it)

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How would you forecast sales of new product x?

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Do you know the competitors for Adobe in the Marketing Cloud

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(Drew a yield curve that behaved differently to how a yield curve normally looks like) What do you think this shows?

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