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what woudl you say if someone asked if there is lots of sex at university?

2 Answers

well it depends on the person. universty is about free choice.

Our university believes in the right proportion of gender diversity, so yes, we have lots of both the male and female sex!

If you discovered a group of guest pupils on campus with some alcohol in their flat, how would you deal with the situation? (bearing in mind the pupils visiting campus are under age)

1 Answer

How would you explain Manchester life to a prospective student?

1 Answer

How did you deal with a complicated situation?

1 Answer

No formal interview in my case, but typically they would want to know that you were comfortable talking to prospective students and their parents & for you to be engaged with your studies.

1 Answer

What point of contacts do you have on campus to give you support with your promotional campaign? What steps would you take in order to attract more Law students into Deloitte?

For a presentation: Do a presentation on why it is good to apply to the University

What experience as a Brand Ambassador do you have?

1 Answer

What would I do if I had to go out of town for work but am unable to find the leaving point?

1 Answer
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