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Why would you like to work with Fourth.

1 Answer

I have always wanted to work in an organisation that shares the same values and objectives that is in line with my personal goals. I also lay emphasis on my experience within the hospitality industry.

What is my interest in the company?

1 Answer

I was presented with a Game Bundle advertisement, detailing a offer to customers. I was asked to create a sales pitch following the concept of the bundle including a Console, Game & Accessory.

1 Answer

What makes a good employee?

1 Answer

What makes a good employer?

1 Answer

In six months time, how will you measure whether you're having a good experience here

1 Answer

Tell us about a project which failed and what you learned from it.

Tell me about your experience at X and Y (basic questions on previous roles)

What skills and experience do you feel are needed in this role?

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