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What is the most difficult situation you have been in. In a work setting and how did you deal with it.

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When you accompany a client to an appointment, what arrangements do you need to make prior?

A couple of safeguarding scenarios regarding financial abuse

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How many days would i like to work.

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Tell me about a time when you organised something

How would you effectively develop relationships with your manager? If a SU made an allegation to you about a colleague how would you deal with it? Why Birtenshaw? Three principles of recording? How would you support a young person who is presenting challenging behaviour?

Age Experience What positive attributes I could bring What am I not so good at.

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How would you develope and deliver a workshop?

Describe how you have dealt with a customer complaint?describe when you have failed to meet deadlines and how you coped? How you take constructive criticism? How do you manage your workload?

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