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Good luck you will regret your decision in joining the firm

you will be making the biggest career mistake of your life

why you saying that i will regret. can you please elaborate?

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what is your experience

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Around 30 questions asked with some being very similar. All the competency based questions you can think of. They have not made the questions relating to the position but rather generic of the book. Why FOM, Why you, Career in 5 years, describe a time when you was stressed, how do you manage conflicts. Basically best advise I can give is get a book containing the 100 competency based questions and know each and every answer to each question. HR have not managed this interview correctly with selective questions. Similar questions was askedd.

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What do you think the basic steps in an infrared countermeasure system are?

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Design an EEC

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What do you know of the company?

1 Answer

A very strange and confusing question about stock transfers

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What components would you expect to see in a computer?

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are you a pirate or nina

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Why do you want to work for Qinetiq?

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