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Blue Cow Software
Implementer Trainer was asked...3 December 2014

Then emailed next day that I was overqualified?

1 Answers

Great! I just love to hear that.

Quality Systems

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answers

I hate that question. The reality is, every experience I have, every person I meet will effect the outcome of my answer. Just because I answer right now, on my flight home tonight it will change. But if things go well, and we both remain happy with myself in the position. I expect I will still be working for QSI, the question is, how will you feel answering to me? Less


The questions were rather easy in my case, but I've heard a difficult one is "Tell me 5 things you are not."

1 Answers

Hypothetically, although I thought about saying, "I'm not...hard-working, diligent, committed, focused,...and without a sense of humor!" I probably would have gone with "I'm not...impatient, one-dimensional, selfish, authoritarian, etc..." Less


What do you like to do? (Sales, Development, Q&A)

McLeod Software

To learn their software in 10 minutes & then teach it back to them.

Kindred Healthcare

In person you might be asked to do a short training on something you didn't prepare for. They try to throw you off your square to see if you can think on your feet. If you're a good trainer, this won't be a problem.


Tell me a little about yourself.

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