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Present value of a share to be recieved in 4 years time?

2 Answers

Its the same as the price it's trading at today

I am doing a first interview for tax.. Pls share a few tips on what tax related questions you were asked.

Selling price 80/- Rupees and profit out of that is 10/-Rupees so find the profit percentage?

3 Answers

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At least 10 questions. All competency based and not relevant to the job.

1 Answer

why BDO?

1 Answer

What has frustrated you about the claim process in other companies and previous roles?

1 Answer

What position do you hold in your social group?

1 Answer

tell me about yourself

1 Answer

How would you run your role from a management point of view?

1 Answer

Why this role? Why tax sector?

1 Answer

Give an example of when you had to change the way you did something in order to solve a problem.

1 Answer
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