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What do you think you will be doing on a day to day basis as part of our grad scheme? (and give specifics)

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What type of questions did you get asked during the video interview?

Whole leadership: A time when you actively sought feedback? Business Acumen: A time when you used different information to come to a decision? Technical Qualities: A time you've juggled different responsibilities or had to meet different deadlines? What do you know about the role/graduate programme? Global Mindset: A time when you actively sought different perspectives? A time when you had to work with little guidance/direction? Relationship: A time when you maintain useful contact outside of your university or work?

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did not get interview

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What position do you hold in your social group?

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What do you know about the ATT/CTA qualification?

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Why BDO? Why the tax stream? Why finance over something more closely related to your degree? Is there anything in news at the moment which would impact the tax profession?

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Why is it important to do research and analysis before making a decision?

What is your understanding of the role you are applying for?

Describe how you would react if an unexpected problem arose while you were working on an important project.

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