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Beaconhouse School
Teacher was asked...8 August 2017

What subject you can easily teach?

16 Answers

Computer ,English


I can a multicultural girl. I can teach and motivated students friendly.

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WhiteHat Jr

In the 1st round they ask general questions like tell me about yourself

10 Answers


They asked about no of hours I can take ol classes in a week, like 30 classes in a week each of 1 hr duration. They asked for my introduction and my qualifications. Less

telephonic interview was the basic one

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ESL Teacher was asked...16 December 2018

How would you rate your English level?

8 Answers




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Oakland Unified School District

Do you think all students can succeed at high levels?

8 Answers

Yes! I think this is an extremely important question to say yes to.


yes with the right help and support

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Little Sunshine's Playhouse & Preschool

When could I start. Whet education did I have. If I could come back and work the next day for a few hours but I wouldn't be paid. They called it a trial day.

8 Answers

My experience was poor as well. A lot of hype and very little follow through. The owners where terrible and had zero experience in childcare. Then went and hired a directory who again had no experience and no business being a director of a preschool. Upper management needs to play a bigger role in new school openings and actually stick around longer than 3 or 4 days.... Less

My experience was the same as well. When I had my interview somebody from the corporate office was there. I heard her and the director talking about me. I thought I wouldn't get hired but I did. They seemed to be extremely fake. Less

The interview process wasn't terrible. It was just the sad to know that there was a lot of hype but not a lot follow through. The teachers weren't as holding as they were conveyed by the director. Unfortunately it was a fact I found out only after accepting the job. Less

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College Achieve Public Schools

They asked me if I was willing to be critiqued on a daily basis, because that's the kind of school they are.

7 Answers

Agree. Little did you know that during these "interview sessions" children who had gym class or recess were "kicked out" of the gymnasium for these interviews. In turn they were left to sit in the cafeteria in chairs with no physical activity. But, this is something in the norm in this environment. Less

College Achieve Critique....that meaning verbally abusive, degrading, and completely UNSUPPORTIVE. The principal would either reprimand you in front of students in the classroom or in the hallway, using "swear words" and in ear shot of coworkers and other classes and students. Less

Feedback? How about, "we don't do it that way, we don't like creative teachers who want care about the students and want to differentiate and use what they learned in school and student teaching to make them a better teacher". The school does not give feedback, they give criticism. My one bit of advice is don't be me. I had read bad reviews last summer and I thought "these are probably teachers that don't want to work hard" Shame on me for thinking that. Most of the teachers care, but many are afraid to speak up. Don't work at College Achieve! Less

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Stamford American International School

how do you manage a class

7 Answers

Classroom management is very important of teaching

The strategies is keep them busy giving worksheets, clay model, reading stories and pay game Less

We should make differ strategies according to class environment and even we should make good environment for all students. Less

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Math Vision Enrichment Centre
Teacher was asked...1 September 2019

What is your experience and subject you’re confident in teaching

7 Answers


Health science


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JET Program
Teacher was asked...24 September 2016

You don't have any experience teaching so how do you expect to teach? (She meant no experience teaching English, which she clarified when I answered fairly sarcastically due to my rich history with teaching).

7 Answers

You seem like a d-o-u-c-h-e to be honest no wonder you didn't get picked.

I'm not surprised you didn't get a offer. You sound increasingly rude and disrespectful not the interviewer. Less

P.S. If you're trying to teach English, you might want to realize that it's "an offer," not "a offer." Less

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Charter Schools USA

What would you do in a classroom?

6 Answers

Put all my skills and knowledge to use in the classroom to educate students on a level of fun enjoyment and learning Less

A lesson plan should be based on three things , A curriculum, Domains or Standards, and the child creative mind Less

Introduce myself and share a short, appropriate history. Take attendance with short questions to connect with each student. Move about the room, slowly, to "connect" with each student. Less

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