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where do you see yourself in 5 years

7 Answers

I was the other candidate that they messed around for weeks like you.

I was told I was 2nd. Did you get the role ?

I was told you had more experience than me that they never asked for. Did you get the role ?

Sometimes a leader needs to make promises they cant keep, when is this appropriate?

4 Answers

What would be the first thing I would do, when I come on my shift

2 Answers

What experience did I bring

2 Answers

Mostly questions about working process. Work in team. Behaviour to work. Paperwork. Leader skills...

2 Answers

How would you respond to an under performing work colleague - What are the Trust values

2 Answers

If you see someone stealing what would you do

2 Answers

what do you know about NCAS. Why would you like to work here?

2 Answers

The questions are not difficult if you have experience in .NET

2 Answers

what do you think you can offer BCA

1 Answer
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