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Team manager customer service Interview Questions


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Really long winded question with a lot of figures an KPI information that amounted to the fact that you were under staffed.

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Pointed out that all figures pointed tot he department being under resourced. This is ultimately what got me through to the next round.

All the usual Customer Service Competency based ones. Tell me a time you changed someones mind, how to you motivate yourself when there is a massive workload, what new recipe would you suggest we include. etc.

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What would I be looking to achieve within the role in the first 90 days.

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The usual, we also had to try and do our own sales pitch.

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How would I coach an agent that is under performing

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How would you recognise someone's skills? Describe a difficult situation you had to deal with and what the outcome was?

What do you think you can bring to role. What experience do you have.

How to engage and motivate a high performing team

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