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where do you see yourself in 5 years

7 Answers

I was the other candidate that they messed around for weeks like you.

I was told I was 2nd. Did you get the role ?

I was told you had more experience than me that they never asked for. Did you get the role ?

If you could be a company, what company would you be?

5 Answers

Sometimes a leader needs to make promises they cant keep, when is this appropriate?

4 Answers

What are you studying?

4 Answers

The questions, i think why do you want to work for Well. how would you get along working within a team, and customer service

3 Answers

Are you working or studying as I was applying for a part time role

3 Answers

Group Scenario Question A customer walks in with their child to see a movie rated 15. You are unsure if the child is 15 years or not. What do you do?

3 Answers

Tell me a bit about yourself

2 Answers

Scenario 2: A mother and her child have bought tickets online for a 15 rated film. The child is clearly younger and has no proof of ID. Upon confronting the woman she gets very annoyed. What would you do?

2 Answers

If a manger orders 500 donughts instead of 50, what do you do to get rid of as many as possible on that day? (Keep in mind you can't create new deals such as 'buy one get one free')

2 Answers
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