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If 3 men were having sex, and the one at the back had AIDS, how long would it take for the one at the front to get AIDS?

3 Answers

This is disgraceful question to ask in the interview. Person who asked this question should no longer be working with the company. There is no policy again for this company.

Absolutely disgusting and unbelievable. In any proper, decent company, this individual would be fired on the spot, but Cashfac seem to think a superficial "apology" is enough. Really exposes the intelligence levels and attitudes that are prevalent in this company for all to see.

I interviewed with Cashfac a few years ago. I thought the worst thing about them was that they were technically clueless. (e.g., they were sending software updates on CDs through the post, instead of more sane delivery mechanisms. ) Looks like that wasn't the worst thing about them. It's unbelievable that anyone who would ask an inappropriate, homophobic question like this still has a job anywhere, let alone with this company.

"Why did you apply to IBM we don't have phd graduates apply to IBM, I've never seen a PhD graduate at IBM?" closely followed by "I had assumed you by your name you were going to be a woman?"

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Why do you choose Goldman Sachs

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If a product is worth x pounds, and the price goes up 15 per year, how much will it be sold for in three years?

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What is it that motivates me.

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They used to use Competence based questions, i.e 'give me an example of when you had to handle conflict', not 'how do you get Gerald the Giraffe from one zoo to another' (theoretical questions). It might change depending on who is running the interviews.

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Colleague questions were technical in nature boss questions competency based.

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Why did you apply for this role with your qualifications

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Do you have any questions for us?

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If I have a kettle that can boil 1 litre of water and I need 4 litres of boiling water, how do I do it?

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