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Technical Architect Interview Questions


Technical architect interview questions shared by candidates

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Technical questions, technology evaluation strategy, scenario handling, design from previous project.

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Thanks a lot for posting this feedback. It made me smile, which is clearly more than my colleague did during the interview process! And I agree, a smile is little to ask for, and great to receive - and I bet he will be smiling in the future. I'm pleased to see that you rated the difficulty of the interview as 'average'. In 2014 we conducted over 2,200 interviews for experienced staff (and made 141 offers) - and key to our approach is to find out how much a candidate knows (as opposed to proving what they don't know). Hence we spend time asking questions about what you know - which will make the interview feel an easier experience. Finally, I hope that you will consider Kainos in the future. Brendan (I've just seen a photo of the CTO presenting at a recruitment event last night. Under his name he had the descriptor 'The Unsmiling CTO'. He's not only good at his job, he's got a good sense of humour as well).

Why work here and not somewhere else, where you could get more money?

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It was all centred around software architecture. They gave one case study and asked me to write a technical archi for that, and represent it in front of business stake holders.

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How would you plan a user-journey?

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Design a system to replace a legacy traveling system which currently consist of 3 different systems

How would handle a team colleague who was struggling with their work? Explain a recent application you worked on. How would you challenge NFRs?

Use the White Board to describe a project that you worked on.

During the role play the 2 'client' people argue about something that's being said or proposed. The actual content of the presentation (for which you are given an hour or so to prepare) is all pretty standard architecture stuff and not really the point of the interview

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Q) Why do you want to change employers? Q) What are the next steps in your career? Q) What is your biggest achievement?

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