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Technical intern ii Interview Questions


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Why aren't you interested in the role?

6 Answers

Family commitments, looking to continue in '2nd line' which is traditionally break/fix, not '1st line' which is helpdesk. The two cannot be done together

There is a very high staff turnover according to previous reviews, the Agency will sell this to you as a regular Field Service Engineer role, but I've been on Police interviews under Caution that have been more pleasant. Go with an open mind, if you can do the hours and the commute (as well as travel to customer offices in central London and one or two in Essex), multitask (fix frozen iPhone 6s while stripping down laser printer and answering phone) have good customer facing skills, then this is right up your alley

I wrote a review on here regarding this company and from the sounds of your comments you are a wise person who has made the correct decision. This company will make you feel as though your not as good as your CV shows, in order to push you hard and do long hours. Best decision you made my friend. Good luck for future.

have you ever had a problem with auditors

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How do you think?

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Are you married? Do you have any kids? Where do you live?

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very easy

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When you come on shift you will be given a list of the jobs you need to attend. They then give you a list in which you have to prioritise.

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How do you apply the Educational structure and freedom to the Structure of Practice and deadline?

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Do you prefer working individually or in a team?

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How to go about setting the receiver pressure in a distillation column.

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What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

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