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Technical Interview Questions

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Video interview question included: why network rail, why the rail industry, when have you solved a problem creatively and when have you made a professional network.

25 Answers

Did you got the invitation to the AC? May I know, which scheme you've applied for? Thanks, -Raz

Yes I did and it is the civil engineering scheme

Oh.. Brilliant thanks for your response, my one was electrical , I did it my test on last week Thursday and no answer yet , got an e-mail saying that it is going to take more than 7days. All the best for your AC mate! Raz

Why Network Rail and why the rail industry?

12 Answers

What do you know about Renishaw?

9 Answers

Design an algorithm to find the first unique element in an array.

8 Answers

How do you motivate others?

8 Answers

Tell us about a time you faced adversity and how you felt before, during and after?

8 Answers

Video interview: 1) why this division 2) tell me about a recent news 3) effect of the fed hike on the bond market 4) additional comments

8 Answers

Why railway industry? Why Network Rail? How do you develop the professional relationship and how do you feel before during and after?

6 Answers

Why did i choose to apply for JATO?

5 Answers

Phone Interview: Why Arup? Key values of Ove Key speech? and situational questions

5 Answers
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