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Why do you want to work at Ten10

2 Answers

Researched the company and answered

Hi, what other questions did they ask you? Thanks

What are you passionate about

2 Answers

What would be your biggest concern regarding the role if you were to join Deloitte?

3 Answers

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Using a case study you have examined through the website, please talk about how Accenture tries to help a wide range of clients

1 Answer

"In your opinion, what is the daily duties of an analyst who has a client"

1 Answer

Why IBM? What does IBM stand for? Tell me about a time you had a difficult conversation with someone?

1 Answer

Each question talk for 3mins (unless told otherwise) My questions were "Please introduce yourself and confirm the position you are applying for"

1 Answer

Dealing with difficult people

1 Answer

What will you be doing in your first year in your opinion?

1 Answer

Tell me what has been happening in the news lately

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