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Network Rail
Graduate Scheme was asked...27 November 2015

Video interview question included: why network rail, why the rail industry, when have you solved a problem creatively and when have you made a professional network.

25 Answers

Same questions as yours,

Has anyone else been invited to the AC?

Raz, have you been invited to the assessment day?

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Network Rail

Why Network Rail and why the rail industry?

12 Answers

They give you a map with switches and relays. They correspond to track signaling systems. Standard red orange green. KVL, KCL and decent circuitry knowledge. Less

Just try to relate safety measures/hazards/etc to previous work experience. There was a relay on a circuit diagram. Just know what it is and basic functionality. Less

thank you mate, how about the KVL and KCL? what sort of questions were you asked about in regard? Less

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Royal Mail
Grad Scheme was asked...15 February 2017

What do you know about Royal Mail? What motivated you to apply?

8 Answers

Have they stated when they will answer to you?

On the day of the AC they told us they had one more AC left the week after and that we'd hear back from them around a week or two after that. Less

Yup I received my offer on the 3rd! They do call you with a no number though so check you havnt had any missed calls. For the case study I was given an hour to prepare, 10 mins presentation time and 20 minute question time. Less

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Network Rail

Tell us about a time you faced adversity and how you felt before, during and after?

8 Answers

You have 2 minutes to answer each question from what I recall, but you could submit the recorded video before that time was up. After the question was asked, you'd have 30 seconds to arrange your thoughts then the recording would begin Less

Thank you so much, mate! Would you mind me asking are there any technical questions involved at the video interview stage? How many attempts can we make to record each question? You know some companies allow us doing twice. Less

Thank you, mate! Can I assume that there are 6 questions in total including motivation (why network rail, why rail industry) and competency based ( overcome difficulty and professional network) as you mentioned. Are there any other questions you still remember? Cheers! Less

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Done with the online Assessment test ad waiting to do the Video Interview soon any suggestions or advice please welcome

7 Answers

Hello I also am going through this process at the moment, have you got accepted? how long was the total process? are there any tips you can provide? Less

Hi there, I am also invited to take the video interview.. have u guys completed it? and what position are you applying for? Less

Hi got invited to the video interview, any tough questions? Good luck all

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Why bank Why ubs Tell us about a time when...

4 Answers

How long did you hear back after your assessment centre?

How long did you hear back after the video interview?

Did anyone else have the assessment centre on 09/10/2020 and still hasn't heard?

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Virgin Media

If your friends had to describe you in 3 words what would they be?

4 Answers

Hard working and caring.

Hard working


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What are BT's values?

3 Answers

personal simple brilliant

Customer, Team, Change, Honesty, Pride

BT's culture is built around the BT Values - Trustworthy; Helpful; Inspiring; Straightforward; Heart Less


Q: Why this graduate program?

3 Answers

4 year degree

Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication , 4 year degree

Because i am interested in Telecommunication and GSM Technology

Network Rail

The assessment centre had three sections: Individual interview, with two network rail employees. They asked a number of work based scenarios (I was only mid way through my masters and didn't know as much as others who had work experience - I was later told this was the only reason I wasn't offered a job)

3 Answers

Can you please tell me when exactly did you interview and when did they get back to you? Less

The assessment centre was early January 2016, and I didn't get the final rejection until August (I think?) Less

Were they all work based scenarios or was there competency questions as well about your own experiences? Less

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