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Do I recognise this chemical equation, do I understand it significance in modern biology.

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It was a chemical reaction that formed the basis of a NGS platform.

How much do you know about the profession?

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FIRST STAGE: Competency based questions like "Name a time you've displayed teamwork but you weren't the leader" Name a time you had to convince another person and a time when someone had to convince you" "Describe an occasion where you had to present to people" SECOND STAGE: Basically redo written description of can opener but verbally this time They ask about a project you've done, most likely your dissertation "How did you plan the project?" "How did you find having to read all that text during your literature research for it?" "Why a career in IP?" "Why Reddie and Grose?" "Why a career in IP?" "Why Reddie and Grose?" "How do you feel about the conversion to law?"

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e.g. technical q: What is the structure of an antibody e.g. HR q: Tell me about a time when you had to have attention to detail

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How many components I could name in a standard smartphone and how some of those work

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why the profession ?

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- Tell me about your PhD - How does a transistor work

Why do you want to be a Patent Attorney? Describe a project that you have done.

Describe the essential features of a pencil and what makes it unique

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