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Several interviews throughout the day including a one minute pitch to the board. There was also a very simple maths test using rounding skills and mental arithmetic.

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Just be honest and show some character. Perhaps have a little practice at a mental arithmetic paper as some people struggled at this, I found it to be very easy (slightly sub GCSE standard).

Sales experience

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The most challenging aspect is the presentation.

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What is stopping you getting the role you want in recruitment?

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Why do you see yourself in Recruitment

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Describe a time when you over excelled in your personal life and how could you adapt this to recruitment?

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What do you expect to earn here?

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What’s your understanding of recruitment?

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Assume that in 6 months down the line things haven't quite materialised to what you expected or maybe you are not bringing the results in, what is Plan B?

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Group tasks, they were welcoming but was an absolute waste as the reason of rejection laughable. It was an excuse not a reason! They are since to return my calls its been 2 weeks

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