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Trainee Recruitment COnsultant Interview Questions


Trainee recruitment consultant interview questions shared by candidates

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What are your career expectations?

1 Answer

using examples from your background and personal life experiences, explain why you should be hired for this job.

It seemed obvious that there was no pre-planned list of questions. The Director's questions were more directed at getting to the bottom of my motivations for getting into Recruitment/sales - and it was pretty conversational and easy going in my opinion. Because I did not come from a recruitment background, the Director spent a lot of time explaining his journey into recruitment, and how he made his fortune, and it was quite impressive to be honest. After about 20 minutes with the Director, I waited about 5 minutes, and then had to go through a few questions with the Sales Managers, who came to interview me (one by one). Most of the questions from the Sales Managers revolved around asking me what I imagined the job would be like, and again checking my motivations from joining the business. Nothing to stressful or 'on the spot' to be honest.

1 Answer

Introduce yourself and explain why you think you would be suited to recruitment.

To describe a time I have had to make a difficult decision.