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Write a program( or psedo code) for bubble sort.

What recent technical development might affect you in your job? (or something like that)

Essay Question: How is technology likely to affect the future of work? (Paraphrased)

After my presentation during the questioning I had refered to Apple and its ability to show inovation without losing the appeal of simplicity and functionality - the interviewer stated that I obviously think that Apple is a pioneer for its sector, to which I replied yes, he then asked me what Barclays would need to do to be in that position - to which I replied that it already is! Went down pretty well, just showing the ability to be able to think on your feet comes across well, Im guessing because if you're going to be a manager one day its pretty essential!

What interesting things have done outside your degree/as a hobby?

What is the most difficult decision you've recently had to make?

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