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Something about whether a legal principle would help or hurt a client.

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They didn't want a legal analysis, but rather wanted to know what you think would make the client better off financially, regardless of the law.

Why do you want to work at Clifford Chance?

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What are some current issues within the legal industry which may be of a concern for law firms?

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How does Clifford Chance differentiate itself from other Magic Circle law firms?

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"What are your three weakneses?"

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What commercial story has interest you in the FT recently?

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And: say in one word why we should hire you.

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Unexpected as it's quite a clichéd question: if you were having a dinner party and could invite seven people living or dead, who would you invite.

The HR interview was usual generic questions, though they did ask me if I was applying/interviewing/had offers elsewhere which I think was a bit cheeky. otherwise nothing out of the blue. The partner one revolved around a scenario-based question where they posed a situation that a client wants to complete on a contract really quickly and your supervisor is out. what do you do? other questions related to my CV.

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