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Darling International
Transportation Manager was asked...16 October 2012

They are not professional HR people, so you have the opportunity to really direct your own interview. Go in there and dominate the conversation.

2 Answers

Anything semi-intelligent is acceptable. Don't use big words. It confuses them.

What is the common salary for a transportation manager at your location?

Harbor Freight Tools

My birthdate and I was rejected based on my age

2 Answers

They asked for my birthdate

If you're under the age of 40, it's not considered a protected class. Maybe they ran a background check on you, and something came up you didn't mention to them. Less

Liquid Environmental Solutions

Have you worked with Penske repair facility.

1 Answers

Yes, for many years. I am most familiar with the Carrollton TX facility.

Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio

Please tell us about a time where a project was not going as planned and the changes you made to get it back on track.

1 Answers

Not sharing my answer but the core of the interview was behavioral based questions and "tell us about a time....". Less

Weld RE-8

What do you do if Susie keeps standing on the Bus, what do you do?

1 Answers

Pull over, radio dispatch, move Susie to the front of the bus


Name a time I had to work with and adverse individual at work?

1 Answers

I shared an experience with and employee I had to terminate along with the background on that particular situation - that is the decision making process that lead to the termination. Less

Ryder System

How many direct reports did you have in your previous role?

1 Answers


EPIC Fuels

The questions were very standard; what are your analytical skills, how do you influence others, are you a self-starter, etc. If you are decently prepared for a conversation you will do fine.

1 Answers

Obviously not the correct way.

Four Seasons

Tell us about yourself.

1 Answers

Just be yourself. I am an outgoing person, by nature, so communicating is easy for me. During the FaceTime interview (2nd interview) I made sure to have eye contact, smile, speak clearly and intelligently about the subject matter. Most of all, I was honest and eager to show my enthusiasm to join FS. My first interview was on a Thursday and the 2nd interview was the next day. I was very excited. Then the 3rd interview was 6 days later. The 3rd interview was with the resort Mgr and it took 1 hr. Upon completion, he called me back 1/2 he later and scheduled my final session with the GM which was 30 min later. Now I’m merely awaiting the next phase which I hope is the offer for employment. Less

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