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Cabin Crew was asked...12 May 2016

why easyjet?

31 Answers

That's what I asked in my email so I didn't sound annoying haha! Will do :) X

did you hear anything today?x

Not a thing X

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Singapore Airlines

Do you see the glass as half empty or half full? Elaborate.

14 Answers

What’s your IG? I’ll pm from there 😉

Hi mind to pm who received the email for further interview? :)

hellooo, mind to pm for those that received email for further interview? let's get to know each other more haha :D Less

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Norwegian Air Shuttle
Cabin Crew was asked...14 December 2015

How do you handle an unruly passenger?

9 Answers

I had training in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It was a total of 4 weeks, 9am to 5pm. Don't expect your training to be the same length since you are in Oslo. Training could be completely different. Less

Thank you for your answer! ☺

How lucky gn do they take to get back to you after test

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Air Arabia

Tell about urself It was the first step of ur presentation n u should impress ppl

8 Answers

Myself sooraj Coming from kochi And my hometown is in trivandrum My qualification is bcom and i have also done my diploma in logistics and supply chain in kochi . Less

My name is salma I’m twenty two years old from Cairo , I’m business student , I’m the oldest I have a sister and two brothers , I would like to be in cabin crew to help know new people and travel around the world because it’s my dream Less

Hi, Hello. My name is syed awaiz ahmed my nationality is india, hyderabad I have completed enter 1 year. I need job which is 7000 DHS. The resion is my father has taken the loan from bank in india that we are facing so many problems in this year so I need a job to support my family. So I kindly request you to give a job if permission granted very grandfull to you. Thanking you Less

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Norwegian Air Shuttle

Why you want to become a flight attendant?

8 Answers

How was the interview?

it was great! They're really nice and friendly. I got the job offer!

Good I'm going tomorrow the 4th

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Qatar Airways

What do you do

8 Answers

I work as a waitress in ### resturant. As a cashier, I ensure that my customers feel welcomed, special and relaxed, and enjoy a seamless dinning experience. Less

I am currently working as Sales assistant at Abans

I am a student

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Malaysia Airlines

why should we hire you as you are a fresher and without any experience?

9 Answers

i want to learn

Because I’m fast learner, ability to analyse situations , and im the person will always remain calm during stressful scenarios. Less

I have no experience but if you hire me I will give my level best and learn new things very fast and I will not disappoint you with the performance. Less

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Jet Airways

Introduce yourself? Why Aviation? Why should we choose you?

8 Answers

I want to be a part of avtion industries.being a part of it it will get me a chance to interact withe various kind of people belonging to different culture and religions . Secondly i want to explore my word in my sweet own way. Its my dream 😜f**k the interview go guys wake up do not afraid with interviewer you are a real Chap Less

Because I have those qualities that you required this job my communication my height my weight my skin tone and my personality. Less

Introduce myself in class in aviation

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The Emirates Group

Are you willing to move to dubai?

8 Answers



Yes exactly.. I strongly will to move there ..

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Jet Airways

intoduction...and why avaition..??

7 Answers

if we are underweight they will reject us??

I have a birth mark which looks like scar bt can be hidden with watch soo m I eligible for jet airways or they will reject me for that Less

I have an tattoo on my right wrist shall i apply for Jet Airways?

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