Cabin Crew Interview Questions in United Kingdom |

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Cabin Crew Interview Questions in United Kingdom


Cabin crew interview questions shared by candidates

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Tell me about a time.... With many questions following- always about customer service etc.

1 Answer

Think of AS MANY examples as you can, even if they're lies. Just make sure you give examples of problem solving, being friendly, being kind, giving good service.

why should we hire you

1 Answer

When did you provide excellent customer service? Why do you want to work for Thomas Cook?

Give an example of when you have exceeded a customers expectations?

Why do you want became cabin crew?

1 Answer

When have you needed to break the rules?

1 Answer

They ask different scenario questions

1 Answer

Why BA? What do you expect to be doing in 5 years time? Describe a situation where you worked in a team

Tell me a time when a teammate was not helpful and how did you manage the situation. Tell me a time when teamwork was applied inyou job. If your cabin crew manager was to give you an order that isn't in the protocol, what would you do?

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