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Sales Assistant Christmas Temp was asked...2 July 2015

What magic power would you like to have

36 Answers

The power to make cliched interview questions disappear.


Manipulate probability

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Name as many of the 12 days of Christmas as you can remember?

4 Answers

2 turtle doves

5 gold rings

4 calling birds

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River Island Clothing

Tell me a fun fact about yourself.

2 Answers

You could say hobbies for this part.

I am a outgoing person and love to work with other people and I have good communication skills Less


If you was given a product and told to sell it in-store to customers, how would you go about it? How would you approach them?

2 Answers

Introducing yourself, making conversation and asking if the customer is looking for anything in particular, then working your product into it. Explaining the benefits and amazing price Less

I would wait for customers to walk by, I would be polite and friendly, introducing myself, asking about their day and make light convosation. Then I would tell them about my product, its benefits and how much they would save if it was on sale. Less


How can the store save money?

2 Answers

They can buy their products in bulk from the suppliers as it works out cheaper most of the time. Less

Turning off lights and plugs when not in use


Which features of the 'Treat Me' reward card would you highlight to different groups of people

2 Answers

15% off for customers...anyone can use this as it can be used online or in store £5 birthday treat - aim at those who say no to the card and those with children as they can set it as there’s child’s birthday £5 off when you spend £50 ...VIP customers Less

Online features for rushed mums and students. In store discounts to older people


recommend a recent release (or something released this year) only because i hadn't really bought anything this year and the thing i had consumed i got out of the library thank f~.

1 Answers

Don't be a wallflower. It's ok if you're shy but try to find your inner enthusiasm for films, music, games etc. and try to make your group the best group they'll see so sort of bring the best out of others around you (agree/briefly converse) rather than viewing them as competition. if they remember the group they'll probably find it hard to choose between you and so take on the lot. it's not scary at all even though i was terrified beforehand. it's more like a chat with friends and you are not individually picked on (apart from the introduce yourselves/sell bit) - it's more seeing how you contribute to the group. bring enthusiasm. Less

Pandora Jewelry

What can you give to pandora?

1 Answers

Time to sell yourself, things such as, exceptional customer service, a friendly smile etc Less

Pandora Jewelry

Can you sell me an item and why?

1 Answers

I answered by describing the good qualities of the item and why it would be relevant for one ti wear it. Less

GAME Digital

If a customer was buying an XBOX One with [this game], what 3 additional purchases would you recommend?

1 Answers

Another game and a gaming headset to play with friends.

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