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Clinical advisor Interview Questions in United Kingdom


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If you had one bag of green balls, one bag of red balls and one bag of red and green balls, how many balls would you have to remove to see which was which?

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I had read about this question online: it was the sort of question 17 year olds get asked at Oxbridge interviews. I answered by telling voicing that concern. The answer is one. I had a lucky escape: I have since met quite a few former TPP employees who couldn't get out fast enough. Led by tyrants like something out of Swimming with Sharks, I chalked this up to experience. The Glassdoor reviews are correct.

What key stages in your career qualify you for this job?

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I was applying for a specific role so mainly asked me about product knowledge and domain knowledge.

About my experience as a Paramedic and why I didn't want to work in the NHS any more.

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