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focussed on ability to network, how you demonstrate that you listen/ are listening, whether you have missed deadlines before (e.g. tell me about a time that you have missed a deadline)

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Hi How long did it take you after the final interview to hear if you were successful?

I'm also wondering how long they took to get back to you on this

When did you have your interview? I have been waiting for around a month now, but I read online someone waited for over a month and got the job so keeping my hopes up slightly

It was a subquestion regarding an aspect of economic regulation. I might have found it more difficult due to my lack of exposure to the field.

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This question came up in the set venn diagram test. Out of 120 students, those with ID's that are even numbers are doing Physics, and all with ID's divisible by 5 are doing Chemistry, and all with ID's divisible by 7 are doing Maths. How many are doing Physics AND Maths? How many are doing Maths and Chemistry? How many are doing neither subject? etc..

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do I have kids? When I answered no, his response was “good, as those with kids tend to have a lot more time off work when their kids are unwell so I’m glad you don’t have any kids.. anyway, you’re too young to have kids anyway”

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What is stopping you getting the role you want in recruitment?

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Wher would you get information about market opportunities?

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Asked about how I would approach making my desk successful.

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How will you sell this fragrance/makeup/skin care?

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What are your weaknesses

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Any experience in sales?

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