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if there are 5 people in a room and each chooses a number from 1 to 10 at random what is the probability that two or more people have the same number

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possible cases 10^5 favorable cases: -- exactly 2 people choose the same number: (5 choose 2)*10* (9^3) -- exactly 3 people choose the same number 5 choose 3 * 10 * 9^2 --exaclty 4 people choose the same number 5 choose 4 * 10 * 9 --exactly 5 people choose the same number 5 choose 5 * 10 =10 add them and divide

First work out the probability that none have the same number: In this case imagine each person picks their random number in turn. From person one through five, probabilities of picking unique numbers: For person one: 10/10 (since no other numbers have been picked yet) For person two: 9/10 (since one number has been picked by person one) Person three: 8/10 (Assume that persons one and two have picked unique numbers, since we are looking for the prob. that ALL have picked unique numbers) Person four: 7/10 Person 5: 6/10 Multiply together: get 30,240/100,000 = 30.24% Subtract from 100% to get 59.76% (required answer)

lordash is almost right, except that 100% - 30.24% = 69.76%

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Nothing difficult. Some people found difficult the questions about how to get along with colleagues and how to create a good relationship or break the ice.

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What was your opinion of the film "Blair Witch Project"

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What is success? Some IT knowledge required for the technical test- what does http stand for; how many bits are in a byte etc.

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SQL - Between "Medium" and "Hard" on Leetcode. They expect you to know all of your JOINs, as well as subquerying and partition windows. Python - Around "Medium" on Leetcode. Mostly around data structures.

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What skills do you process to be successful in this role?

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Interview Questions were average on difficulty level if you put some thought to it. Screening rounds were more of question answers based where they gave you a problem and expected an answer. Python: Find the max no from the given set of elements in an array (without using max function) Find the minimum absolute difference between the set of elements of an array. Python Coding Questions that involved a hashmap. Know your basics well Print Max element of a given list Print median of a given list Print the first nonrecurring element in a list Print the most recurring element in a list HCF/Greatest common Factor of List LCM of list Sql: find the highest salary per department Select employee from departments where max salary of the department is 40k Select employee assigned to projects Select employee which have the max salary in a given department Select employee with second highest salary Table has two data entries every day for # of apples and oranges sold. write a query to get the difference between the apples and oranges sold on a given day Typical questions around Group by, Joins during screening round they used MYSQL so practice solutions with basic SQL as the version i was working on didn't support analytical functions or other advanced features. Face To Face Rounds (Fullstack): To begin I was asked about different metrics which could be reported given the dataset/information or scenario. Then interviewer picked up a metrics and asked to draw on whiteboard what kind of graph/chart will I use to display the information. Then going further asked about the table structures and data model which will be required to support the dashboard. Interviewer then provided the initial data set which is 1 case was a log file and in another some detail level tables, I was asked to write a programming code to read, parse and load data to tables. Then along the way once we have our code tables and dashboard finalized i was asked to write SQL's for different steps in the whole pipeline.

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AC: Python test, dataflow efficiency test, group work

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what challenges of role and company and how do you help to overcome it

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Describe the metrics one would use to evaluate a binary classifier.

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