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Event & Community Manager was asked...27 March 2016

She asked : What made you want to apply to this company?

4 Answers

I was interested in on-line and now Indonesia is going towards technology and digital. Less

From some work that I have gone through, Government Relations is very suitable for me. Less

I love working with a team to achieve a common goal, and I know my background in event management has prepared me for this role. I look forward to becoming a valued contributor to this phenomenal team. Less

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How do you manage your time?

3 Answers

I always belive time is more pricious .and I will clear the project with the expected time Less

I will give the bussness time to manage

I will be a good knowledge person so I will give the time with a expected limit


Tell me about a time when ...

3 Answers

2021 March


Oct 04 9am


Are you comfortable driving?

2 Answers

Yes. I drove here.

do u need to drive to work with artome?


What is it that interests you about Learning & Development?

2 Answers

We can learn from anything and everything....

We can learn from anything and everything....

The Ohio State University

Do you enjoy working with people and are you able to handle people in a problematic situation?

2 Answers


Problematic, being large, noisy or difficult crowds. As Event Mgr. or Program Super one needs to be able to anticipate & prevent possible problems before they happen or even while they are happening! Less

Riot Games

Walk us through managing an event.

2 Answers

*incoherent rambles*

^ nailed it

Methodist Children's Home Society

Walk me through your resume What are you good for this position?

2 Answers

Your experience is indicative of this current CEO. He is a liar, dishonest and a manipulator. He has left a rotten taste in the mouths of a majority of the employees as well as those who just interview for a job with him. That should say it all! Be glad you did not waster your time working here. Less

this ceo is all smoke and mirrors, he walks around thinking people actually like him, he is a liar and manipulator and will cover things up Less

Web Summit

Do you have any questions? (very first words at the start of the interview) Tell me a little about your background. Can you run through your resume? How do you work under pressure? What's your background managing teams? Greatest strength and weakness?

2 Answers

Yes, what are your goals for this position? What's one thing you'd like to see done in the first 30 days? What are you looking to pay for this position? What is the dress code? What do you like most about working at Web Summit? What do you hate the most about...? What do you think the company needs to work on? I have extensive background working not only in management but also a deep technical knowledge as well. I started....... Other resume/experience related questions. Less

Many thanks for your feedback. I am sorry that you have had this experience. As you can imagine, as a growing company hiring is our highest priority as well as building an interview process that gives us and the candidate as informed a decision as possible. It would seem on this occasion we missed the mark from your perspective but I would love the opportunity to discuss this further with you to both understand your experience in further detail as well as give what insight I can into your process. My email is ronan.mooney@ websummit.com Many thanks again for your honesty, I hope we get an opportunity to speak. Ronan Less

Bath Fitter

If I had any questions about the position.

2 Answers

When can I start

I asked my questions about the job, IE hours per week, clarification on the work schedule, how a typical day was and how the PR was handled. Less

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