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what to do if you have workload that should be done before the day's end and you have a prior engagement that evening

3 Answers

go for that engagement, finish the work over the weekend


well, two plan to manage the situation: first, I'll try to reschedule my engagement to extend and finish the workload if I couldn't reschedule it so the second option would be setting time table schedule with a target to finish all the workload before the day ends

Time dealing with difficult customer

3 Answers

What kind of subjects are you looking to teach?

3 Answers

What company is doing it right/innovative, what would your friends say about you, are you happy with this salary, what strengths do you have that would make you good for the role

2 Answers

Both behavioural and situational. The material they give you to prepare has all you need in terms of preparation for the behavioural questions. The situational questions are harder to prepare for, but you should employ the fundamental techniques: Structures answers, use a notepad to jot key point (the questions can be long and complex), summarise at the end.

3 Answers

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Given a certain a scenario to do with network rail operations and how you would act

2 Answers

What do you enjoy more in a company? Having fun, having stability, or being assertive. Remember you have to choose two options !

2 Answers

What is liquidity?

2 Answers

How do you know how much debt a company can take on?

2 Answers

Why don't you have a degree?

2 Answers
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