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Software Industrial Placement was asked...5 February 2018

What do you know about Renishaw?

9 Answers

Is there any other questions you can remember of? I have this same interview in 2 days time Less

The interview is quite relaxed so don't worry too much. They made me talk through a bit about me and go through my CV. Questions were mostly based on you and what you say about your CV. Some other questions that struck to me were though 1. What is your greatest achievement? 2. How do you organise your projects? 3. How do you prioritise your work? 4. Explain scenario where you had to deal with a difficult client. That's all I can remember. Goodluck! Less

Thank you very much, I will definitely take the advice on board

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Bloomberg L.P.

You have a given set of prices in an Array, find at which price you should buy and at which price you should sell so that you maximize the gain

3 Answers

The idea for the linear solution is, that when the next price is lower than current minimum, you should sell all for the previous maximum and buy for the new minimum. It is actually similar to looking for maximum difference where the min is predecessor of max. Code for the linear solution: void sell_points(const vector& data) { cout data[max]) { max = i; } } // last run if (data[min] < data[max] && max != last_max) { cout << "Buy:\t#" << min << " (price: " << data[min] << ")" << endl; cout << "Sell:\t#" << max << " (price: " << data[max] << ")" << endl; } } Less

(the last_max check is actually not necessary, in the code I forgot to set it appropriately but it is not needed anyway) Less

The brute-force solution is to compare each price to those further on and to return the greatest gain. Otherwise I tried a linear solution but I was not sure about the solution. Less

Hyundai Motor

If you could choose an animal what would you be ?

3 Answers




PA Consulting

Typical interview questions: - Tell me about yourself - What makes you a good fit for the role and company? - Give example of when overcame a problem - Give example of when you worked in a team

2 Answers

Hi, was this an in person interview? If so, what other stages to the application process are there? Less

Hi Mike, first had a phone interview with very typical questions (as above) and then an assessment day which also involved the questions above along with a group and individual case study. Less

Volvo Group

Why do you want to work for us?

2 Answers


I like car industry, and Volvo is my favorite.


Evaluate this CPM

2 Answers

I evaluated the CPM

Whats a CPM?


What's the difference between a linked list and an array?

2 Answers

Linked lists has their objects public, whilst the idea of classes is to make them private Less

Oh, answered the wrong questing about structures vs classes As for this one, Arrays: +easy access to any location - hard to add a new element (creating a larger array) Linked list: -to access the element need to go through whole list +easy to add a new element Less


Questions range from 'What is your experience of Aldi?', 'Provide an example of a time when you were working under pressure to achieve a target or goal'.

2 Answers

How good was your online interview? Were you nervous?

Gave examples using the STAR framework. Video Interview you had 30 secs to prepare and 30 secs to answer the question, latter questions were a bit longer with 60 seconds but only 9 questions in total. Less

Web Applications UK

What is the using statement for.

2 Answers

Calls the dispose method for Garbage collection automatically.

This wasn't the full answer ;)

Network Rail

How would you persuade a mechanical engineer that they should invest in a Management accountant instead of investing in ballast?

2 Answers

Ballast = The rock used on railways which I did not know!

So you got declined because you didnt know what a ballast is? lmao job recruitment is an absolute joke, i wouldve let it pass if you were applying as an engineer but being a finance student you dont need to know wtf a ballast is lmao Less

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