Investment banking analyst Interview Questions in United Kingdom |

Investment banking analyst Interview Questions in United Kingdom


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What is the probability of you walking out of this room and seeing someone without the average number of legs.

2 Answers

100% Average will be just under 2

so it should be 0% not 100%. )

Which valuation technique gives the highest value?

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They were just asked me about the case study and in the other 2 about me, why banking and my experience

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If you had a sizeable sum of money to invest in a company (with a large stake) what would you want to know when deciding whether to invest?

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You have a cube of 100cm*100*100cm. You poor 1 liter of water into the cube, how high will the cube be filled with water in centimeters?

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What will influence the price of RMBS?

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HR questions

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I have a cylinder and draw a line curving perfectly around it from the bottom and finishing at the top directly above he starting point. How would you measure it?

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Tell me about a time that you failed or that you didn't do your best.

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Standard questions in HR interview why do you want to do this, what do you know about us, do you know what you're getting yourself in for, why don't you do consultancy instead? Technical interview, can you explain the purpose of trading / trans comps, how do you perform them, what are their advantages / disadvantages? how else would you value a company? What excel shortcuts do you know?

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